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I love blogging because it gives me a sense of global community.  The thought that I am connected with people all over the world feels just right!  So, I am both delighted and humbled to be nominated for a Creative Blogger Award.  Thanks to fightalone for paying attention to what I have written – your nomination is truly appreciated!


1.  Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify the nominees.

2. Post the link of the blog that nominated you.

3. Share five random facts about yourself.

My Nominees:

My 5 Random Facts:

  1. I am an educator who loves learning.
  2. Blogging is my way of making human connections all over the world.
  3. I am fiercely loyal to those who allow me to be.
  4. My faith in God gets me from day to day.
  5. I love people, dogs, and cats (in that order).

In Memory of Marcus Wheeler… yet living in the hearts of many


The recording stated, “You are concerned about your children.  In order for us to effectively address concerns on campus, we are asking for you to trust our communication.  The police officers are not permitting anyone to enter campus until the lock down has been released.”

As a middle school teacher, I am well aware of what a school lock down means.  There are so many scenarios that played out in my mind at the time I listened to that voice message.  My 17 year old son is on that campus in that lockdown and I have no idea what the actual situation is at the time.  My nervous system activated and I began to pray that it is nothing as serious as it actually was.

I called my son on his cell phone (thank God for these devices that we have come to depend upon).  He answered in a soft tone, “Hi mom…I’m okay”.

The next thing he informed me is that another student had shot himself on the campus and he is dead.  I was emotionally overwrought at that point.  Yes, my son is safe, but someone elses son is not.  That was my initial thought which brought me to tears.

Since Tuesday, there have been many Facebook posts, tweets, and videos about the 18 year old who simply made a choice to end a life that seemingly was unbearable for him.  I do not pretend to know anything about that or his experiences.  I am only able to feel sadness for him and his family at this time.

Of course, I spoke with my son at length about it when I arrived home.  I reassured and comforted him as much as I could that I am always interested in knowing how he is feeling.  There is no problem so great that we can not solve it together.  I silently hugged my son for a long time.  The thought of losing him is not something I am able to process.  Yet, there are these parents somewhere out there grieving their loss.  I wish I could do something to help.

To the parents of Marcus Wheeler – I am keeping you on my prayer list for a long time.  I’m praying for your peace and may you discover the purpose God has in you.

A Lifesaving Journey with Anne Frank!

Davina Lyons:

My 7th grade students are currently writing about Anne Frank. This post that I am reblogging is amazing! I wish I could introduce it to my students. I know that this post has given me a fresh perspective and encouragement to write again.

Originally posted on beyondtheflow:

In the opening lines of The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne shared the excitement of unwrapping her diary: “Dear Kitty” …a gift for her 13th birthday. Likewise, on my 13th birthday, I had a similar rush of excitement when I unwrapped Anne’s diary, which was a gift from my mother, along with an empty journal to get me started.

Anne Frank writing in 1941. Anne Frank writing in April, 1941.

Mum was forever trying to get me interested in reading but she also encouraged and nurtured my writing. When I was around 11 years old, she’d taught me how to spell “enthusiastic” and I was as proud as punch with my new word and liberally started adding it to my compositions at school to receive that all-important red tick and VG in the margin. That same year, Mum also gave me a thesaurus. Although it took me a few years to really master it…

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In praise of Spinach

Davina Lyons:

Oh! I love spinach! I too sing the praises of spinach.

This will be another recipe I will attempt – creamed spinach is wonderful!

Originally posted on rachel eats:

I am immensely fond of spinach, fresh, lively, gloriously bright green spinach, the kind that bounces, crunches and squeaks in a most unruly way as you try to stuff it into your shopping bag.

Most of the time I like spinach served simply, so as to appreciate its sweet, leafy, ever so slightly bitter goodness, a nod to Popeye. We often have a little pile of spinach for lunch after the pasta, steamed or blanched briefly in fiercely boiling water, drained and then dressed with coarse salt, olive oil and lemon. I like it sautéed in nut-brown butter then seasoned with salt, pepper and a flick of nutmeg. I almost can’t contain my excitement at the thought of a certain French recipe in which spinach is cooked and reheated over 5 days, each day more butter is added, so by the end, half a kilo of spinach has absorbed an…

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Davina Lyons:

When I began my quest to transform from the inside out, hummus was the thing that I loved the most! Fresh veggies and hummus sustained me the first couple of weeks. It was the “healthy” store bought version. I never imagined making my own, until now…

Originally posted on rachel eats:

In Middle Eastern Cooking mixed mezze (little dishes of mixed d’oeuvre) are signs of hospitality and conviviality, dishes to be shared to begin the meal or like Spanish tapas, nibbles to be eaten while drinking and gossiping. The word mezze originally comes from the Persian word Maza, meaning ‘taste, relish‘.

Many of these delicious dishes have been adopted by the West and none more so than hummus, a simple paste of cooked chick peas crushed with tahini, lemon juice and garlic. Unfortunately like so many things Hummus has been hijacked by supermarkets who. with a few exceptions, sell us little plastic tubs of unctuous, over creamy distant relatives of the real thing.

The good news is we can reclaim Hummus and make it ourselves and never buy those little tubs again.

Apart from its glorious role in a mixed mezze, hummus is a good accompaniment to Grilled…

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The responsibility of Power

Davina Lyons:

I often think of how I would behave if I won the lottery. Would I lose my mind and abandon my good senses? Or, would I fulfill my dreams of helping others achieve the greatness they were created for? This blog post that I am sharing gives me hope that I would do the latter.

I would use whatever I am blessed with to be a blessing to others. However, I am only concerned with teaching others how to fish and not giving them fish; therefore, my lottery winnings would be used to open establishments purposed to educate and motivate others.

Originally posted on The Bulb Culture:


We will all get to experience some form of power within our lives. It might be coaching a football team, managing a new project at the office or simply declaring that we are going to take full control of our lives.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”- Voltaire 

This particular quote may be a little bit of a cliché and it always seems to remind me of the first Spider-man movie for some reason. But it’s one of the best quotes to keep in the back of your mind when you feel like you’re in a position of power.

People often claim that when a weak individual who has stood along the sidelines for the majority of his life, comes to a position of power he will abuse that power and act vindictive towards others. Instead of uplifting those around them, their main aim is to bring people down…

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You would think it was steak…

It’s been 21 days! No beef, pork, or chicken! No chemicalized or processed foods! Now, I’m venturing beyond the usual homemade stir fry and getting fancy with my veggie cuisine. 

Tonight I had a veggie patty on a bun that was totally healthy!

You would think I had a steak dinner tonight! That’s how delicious it tasted. I wish I had been wise enough to adopt this lifestyle years ago.

I feel fantastic on the inside  and I’m beginning to really show it on the outside!

Stay tuned…

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