Body Exercise Introduction

A New Day, New Opportunities!

It is a blessing to have a new day and opportunity to get right whatever you didn’t get right yesterday.

I am looking forward to exercising at the gym this morning. I actually have a plan to get there earlier. I realize that consistency is the key to my success.

When I think of all the times I failed to be consistent because I gave up too soon, it saddens me. I have always had tremendous potential yet never quite reached the pinnacle of my success.

Now, I invoke wisdom! I think things through and am not afraid to slow my pace and catch the rhythm of what I am doing.

I believe blogging will help me with this. I am determined to CREATE AN AMAZING LIFE! By documenting the journey it will help me to continuously ‘get it right’.

There is so much I plan to achieve in my lifetime. Not just for me but for my family too.

I am slowly revealing myself in this blog as random instinct will allow me to. That is how you create something. The more that is revealed in a painting, the more beauty you see (even the flaws belong as it is an original and unique work of art).

Transforming my body is only one aspect of what I intend to accomplish. I will focus on my finances, spiritual life, relationships, and so much more as my days unfold.

This really feels good.

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