Body Exercise

Day 3 at the Gym – Incline 6!


I feel so victorious!

Last night, the personal trainer at the gym said I needed to walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes at an incline of 6. I said, “NO WAY!” When I awoke this morning, the first thought I had was about that treadmill and inclining to 6. Why was that so huge for me? Well, I need to lose about 100 pounds, I have been out of shape for a long time. To me, I was just asked to climb Mount Everest!

Regardless, I told myself, I can and will do it. Well, maybe not for 45 minutes, but I did do it for 20 solid minutes and I am so proud of that accomplishment!

Today, I am wearing a cute top and have received a few compliments. I am well on my way to CREATING AN AMAZING BODY! I do plan to work up to 45 minutes with an incline of 6…to be continued.


  1. Awesome Davina!! I am so proud of you. You can do whatever you decide to do. I love the fact that you challenged yourself. Today 20 minutes at level 6, tomorrow 35 minutes at level 6! Keep going!!!


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