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Day 5 at the Gym – Just a bit more…


It’s a beautiful, busy Friday morning.

I was up at 4am and grocery shopping at 5am. That’s me trying to leverage my time. I have a full schedule this weekend. I need to make sure that the household is taken care of also.

Typically, this would have been an excuse to skip the gym this morning. No way!

Two weeks ago, my bloodwork indicated that I am .02 away from diabetes. This was sobering. My mother, grandfather, aunt and uncle are all diabetic. I am the next oldest on the maternal side to have it. I refuse to be a prime candidate! The devil is a liar!

As I CREATE AN AMAZING LIFE, I envision: a new healthy body; long walks with my son and husband; A life that is not riddled with doctor visits and “woe is me”. I look forward to really expressing my true sense of style and fashion in a fit body.

As I walked my 45 minutes at an incline of 6.5 today, because I HAD TO do a little bit more, I realized just how important this change is to my life. My self esteem, relationships, time management, perspectives, career, and much more, are all impacted by my health.

I am so encouraged! As I completed my walk, a song by Tamar and Prince was playing in my itunes, “Beautiful, Loved and Blessed”.


This is how I feel…Beautiful, Loved and Blessed.

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