Winners vs. Losers

I choose to be a winner! It’s a choice!

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I don’t mean to be harsh; but lets be straight forward – both winners and losers leave trails of how they got there. So, let’s take a closer look.

For me, a winner is someone who plans to win, prepares to win and then expects to win. A ‘winner’ is someone who learns and moves forward with power, confidence and patience – regardless of the result. A winner recognizes that there is no failure only results and feedback .

A ‘loser’ on the other hand is someone who won’t even try. They have thrown in the towel before the match has even started. They are sitting on the sidelines of their own life. They have let the frustrations of life paralyze them and they feel completely powerless. Yes, ‘loser’ is an incredible harsh term, so to be fair and clear losing is an event, not a person.Losing is something…

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Author: Davina "Dee" Lyons

Davina Lyons is a Speaker, Educator, and Life Transformation Strategist who has a heart to serve women who lack the plan or confidence to WALK in their PURPOSE.

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