Week 2 – Day 1 – Gym – A New Friend


The eliptical is my new friend. The treadmill was my friend the first week because it was the easiest thing for me to do in my mind. I just wanted to walk. When the trainer told me to increase my time and energy on the treadmill last week, I took the challenge and was glad I did. I had a major win and looked and felt better because of it.

I took a break from the gym on Saturday and Sunday. So, Yesterday, I was back for Week 2. Since I needed to be at my day job earlier than usual, I needed to get to the gym earlier. I was there at 5:45am. I walked in the door and as I passed the first row of elipticals, I felt their presence and was guided to go there instead of my favorite treadmill.

The eliptical was a bit challenging at first, but once I got my rhythm down, I was good to go. Since it requires more of a different type of movement, I was winded a lot quicker. I imagine it is really good for cardio since my heartrate was up quickly.

I like to take a picture of my results at the end of the workout, but the machine just counted down and shut off. No ‘workout summary’ on the display. A little disappointing. There I was poised with my iPhone camera ready and the display screen just went black.

I know I did one mile in 15 minutes. I was short on time, but definitely felt like I had completed a worthy workout.

1 Comment

  1. tika35

    Great job Davina! You are truly an inspiration. You have given me the strength to continue to fight and become more healthy!



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