15 Pounds Eliminated!

Improved weight and blood pressure!
Improved weight and blood pressure!

On 4/3/13 – I awoke with chest tightness and shortness of breath.  For the first time, I was afraid.  That is the moment I promised myself that I would transform my health.  On 4/24/13 – Experienced sharp side pain that reinforced I must improve my health!

High blood pressure, sleep apnea, obesity, thyroid issues, and so on and so on…

As you know, I joined the gym and I began to eat clean.


Today, my doctor was pleased that I have eliminated 15 pounds from my body and my blood pressure was PERFECT!

As I continue to treat my body well all other issues will also be eliminated!  This is wonderful news. 

I told you that I was well on my way to CREATING AN AMAZING BODY AND LIFE!

Author: Davina "Dee" Lyons

Davina Lyons is a Speaker, Educator, and Life Transformation Strategist who has a heart to serve women who lack the plan or confidence to WALK in their PURPOSE.

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