Season of Humility

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teach-me-to-be-humbleHave you ever noticed that at the moment you are about to go to the next level in life, times become a bit challenging?  While I do not have any scientific data proving that statement to be a fact; I definitely have experienced life that way.  Lately, it seems that I am having a lot of situations and conversations that are leaving me uncomfortable.  This is causing me to humble myself and focus inward for what I could be saying or doing better. 

I realize that the sins of our past will revisit us at the most inopportune time in life to remind us of the poor choice made in that situation.  Yesterday, issues with my finances reminded me of past poor choices.  If I may be transparent, I have struggled financially off and on for many years.  As I look back in the spirit of humility, I have to accept responsibility:  lack of budgeting, poor timing on purchases using credit, unexpected medical bills that insurance doesn’t cover, and the desire for material things that were not necessary to have.  I desired too much too soon without the level headed planning required to balance out what it really takes financially to not only survive, but secure my financial future.  

I’m okay with open and honest communication; in fact, I prefer it.  So, when I make mistakes or don’t quite fit the bill, I like to know right away, so I can adjust.  I am realizing that for some. this is not easy.  Others are uncomfortable with perceived “conflict” so they typically do not bring up things that they are bothered by, until it festers and becomes a gaping sore. 

In my youth, I just thought it was an East Coast thing to just ‘tell it like it is’  because I was born in Connecticut.  I left New Haven when I was 11 years old and moved to Tacoma, Washington.  Talk about a shift in cultures!  Fast track East Coast to laid back Pacific Northwest.  For so long, I believed I carried my East Coast way of being with me to Washington State and later on at 19 years old I moved to Phoenix, Arizona. 

The truth is – it doesn’t matter where you come from. 

It is really about who you are. 


I am a woman who is living my life (pain, passion, &  purpose) in preparation for a serious growth spurt.  I am humbling myself enough to hear God’s voice for direction in my life.  I am suppressing ‘reacting’ until I understand more.  I am changing my way of viewing things and walking with intention.  I am taking fresh perspectives on situations that I once would have been sure of in my mind. 

I am happy to transform in this way because I know that it will further advance me in my relationships – both personal and professional. 


Courage of a Lyons

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“If I had the courage to see myself as I really am, I would find out what is wrong with me, and correct it, then I might have a chance to profit by my mistakes and learn something from the experience of others, for I know that there  is something WRONG with me, or I would now be where I WOULD HAVE BEEN IF I had spent more time analyzing my weaknesses, and less time building alibis to cover them.”

 ~excerpt from Napoleon Hill’s, Think and Grow Rich

 My decision to become an Independent Business Owner with ACN, was the beginning of  discovering my OTHER-SELF.

It was the point I realized that although I have always been one to self-reflect and ultimately self-correct, I was still leaning on excuses and alibis for my apparent lack of complete success.

The business of network marketing is perhaps one of the most challenging industries I will ever face;  yet the most rewarding long-term.  Like many others, I started out with a great deal of excitement about this new business venture that could ultimately make me a millionaire.  The money is not what enticed me.  It was the notion of realizing SUCCESS once and for all.  It was about personal growth, development, and HELPING OTHERS.   However, I quickly realized that having more money is a sure way to be in a position to help others.  It made perfect sense to me!

Although this was not my first exposore to direct selling or network marketing (many refer to it as a pyramid with a negative connotation), yet ACN was the first business model that completely made sense to me.  It is the first that has demonstrated 100% the notion of truly helping others achieve ultimate time freedom and financial security.  Now, I know that I am not Oprah, so my word may not be so golden that people flock towards the opportunity just because I say so.

“I don’t have to sell products, or store inventory?  It’s service based and helping others to save money on services they are already using?”  I was absolutely able to see the benefit.  Oh!  Also, monthly residual income!  It all made so much sense.  I did not need to be convinced.  I did however need to believe I could do it.

Why are people so afraid and apprehensive to do this thing?  What do they fear?  As I set out to introduce this business to others, I realized that many put a wall up and are not open to what it takes to be successful in it.  First off, it requires changing your thinking and seeing things from the perpective of having arrived at the destination of SUCCESS.  It requires HARD WORK, PERSEVERENCE, POSITIVITY, AND A STRONG BELIEF IN SELF!

success map

So, I thought I was more than prepared for this business and it would be fairly easy for me to just talk to people and help them.  Nope!  People don’t want my help!  Is that true?  Or, my excuse?  This is the point when I began to read, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.  If you have not read it – please do!  It will seriously get you to realize how you see yourself.  It also unveils THE REAL YOU.  It teaches you about innate power you possess, yet may never tap into because of FEAR.

I have always loved the image below, because I saw myself as a LION.  The truth is – I have not been acting like one.  This was a major distortion on my part.  I was going through the motions, but not really not quite following through to the ROAR.


I love the network marketing business and ACN; because of the character and ethics of the people that make up the organization.  I have grown tremendously in the last eight months in this business and look forward to the years to come!

All I need to do now is attract other courageous people who want to help others grow and achieve time freedom and financial security.  With this, everybody wins!

Simple Behaviors

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On June 7th, I posted “The Process of Transforming”. At that time, it was my intention to begin 21 days to build some lasting improving habits. I was going to focus on health and time management. I have learned that in order to really truly make a change you have to focus on changing simple behaviors on a consistent basis. So when I thought about how to improve upon those two areas, I realized that I had not really determined what those simple behaviors would be.

Health – I decided to eliminate all sugar from my diet. Dr. Oz says it is the best thing to do if you have a metabolic disorder like I do. Sugar leads to cravings and all sorts of issues for me. The next person could be perfectly fine consuming sugar; so this is really about me.

Time management – I thought about peak times for me to do certain things to maximize both my efficiency and effectiveness.

As a result, for the last few days since the 7th, I have been hyper-focused on what goes in my mouth as nutrition and when and why I do certain things. Now, I found numerous simple behaviors when it comes to time management, so I was still trying to get that one right. I managed to make it one whole day going sugar-free, then I accidentally had some Chipotle salad dressing. I am sure it contained sugar. I could taste it. That caused a mini-meltdown.

As for time, I burned a good pan of food because I was leveraging my time and trying to be more efficient by multi-tasking. This caused another mini-meltdown.

So, I thought about how nuts I would be for the remainder of the 21 days if I kept on this vein.

This morning, I awoke with the perspective of I need to relax and listen to my inner spirit/intuition and make the best choices in what I eat and when I need to do what I do. It felt liberating to put it in these terms for myself. I will ease up on the gas peddle a little while travelling on this journey of CREATING AN AMAZING LIFE. Besides, menopause is kicking in and that’s a whole different post.


Process of Transforming

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My overwhelming desire to transform my life is stronger than ever now.

As I think about why I desire to change my life, I realize that it is my innate desire to improve or be better.  I believe the process of transforming is really synonomous with living your life. I believe that some people do this passively, while others go through life anticipating every moment with zeal. I am the latter. I could never just sit and coast through life. I need a project or something to always be in existence for me to feel alive. I have been this way since I was a small child. When I reflect upon the patterns in my life, I know I have always been a  ‘busy with activity’ person. I actually feed off of having something going on in my life at all times.

I realize that just being busy and having a lot of “stuff” going on in my life is no longer enough.  Now, I need RESULTS to place on my mantle.  I need accomplishment.  This ties back to my previous posts about finishing what I start.

Here is what I am considering about me in my effort to be more results oriented (random thoughts in no specific order of priority):

  • It takes 21 days to create a habit.
  • I hate paper, because it creates unnecessary clutter.
  • I am best early in the morning as opposed to the evening after a long workday.
  • I hate time clocks, schedules, and structure period.
  • I love food!
  • I talk alot on the phone (not always a productive activity).
  • My husband and I are complete personality opposites (which is cool).
  • My son is a momma’s boy for sure (which is also cool).
  • I don’t like the notion of credit, because paying it back later is inconvenient.
  • I am obsessed with buying purses and books (hard/soft back or ebooks – doesn’t matter).
  • I love people watching.  I enjoy trying to figure out who they are and what their life is like from a distance.
  • I appreciate funky eclectic styles as opposed to matching and modern.
  • I love to get to know people for who they truly are and not the surface stuff they want you to see.
  • I am communal most times, but like my private quiet time too.
  • My faith in God is strong.
  • I believe messages come from God on billboards, words of friends, radio stations and every form of communication that the mind can perceive.
  • Communication in general is super important to me.  I often share my thoughts to get reactions from others.
  • Exercise is a chore for me.
  • Through my thoughts, I often challenge myself to be and do better.
  • I can be judging, overbearing, and animated at times – something I have often self-corrected over the years – so much better now!!!.
  • The thoughts keep coming….

Well, this is a good enough list to get started with.  I want to start my tackling the first bullet point.  For the next 21 days, starting today, I will work to create some positive habits that address some of the other bullet points.  For instance, I am working on my health, and time management.  For the next 21 days, I will be tracking my actions and interactions that relate to my health and how I balance my time.

This is all in my plan to CREATE AN AMAZING LIFE!

Where my Muscles Have Never Been

Body, Exercise

weights1 weights2

I am so pleased with how far I have come in my quest to CREATE AN AMAZING BODY!

I am no longer dreading going to the gym, and today with the help of my trainer, my muscles went to a place they had never been. The exercises I had to do were challenging, but I loved feeling the burn. It is amazing! I was very apprehensive about getting started on the weights.  This past Friday, I began working with my trainer.

She started me slow and focused on my legs to start. Well, that is the strongest part of my body. I thought it was a cake walk. I even asked her to increase the weight on a couple of the machines.

Today, we focused on my arms and core. A whole different game. I felt tingly all over my body and definitely knew this was going to be an experience that my body will remind me of tomorrow morning when I try to get out of bed.  Soreness is coming!

I have eliminated 18 lbs. from my body, but my goal is to lose a total of 100lbs. I believe that if I maintain what I am doing, not only will I be successful in this endeavor, but I will reduce my body fat percentage and increase my lean muscle, which means my body will be looking pretty good.

What a significant accomplishment it will be to transform my body and improve my health.  Stay tuned…

Appointment with God

God reaches us in the caverns of our minds with marvelous light.

Prayer opens the recesses of our minds and allows the marvelous light in.  The more time I spend with God, the brighter my outlook becomes.

I often refer to CREATING AN AMAZING LIFE because that is what this blog is all about.

It is my journey to the place God intended and created me to be.  What I am actually doing is sharing my transformation with all who desires to pay attention.  It occurred to me this morning that I have not shared the driving force behind my passion for PURPOSE. 

I give all credit and thanks to God!

A great part of my routine is to have my appointments with God by way of daily devotion.  I remember when I struggled with prayer.  It was difficult because like everything else, I can tend to complicate something simple.  Now, I pray my way with ease.  I get it that I am accepted for who I am by God.  There is no special way to approach the throne of grace.  Now, I breathe so much easier.  I truly am able to handle most obstacles (once I take a moment and confer with my creator).

“beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, [we] are being transformed into the same image” (2 Cor. 3:18)

In my quest to transform my life, my connection with God is of utmost importance.  On this beautiful sunny Phoenix day, I am so grateful for my appointments with God.  How about you?  Are you taking the time to get in that quiet place and commune with your creator?  If not, please try it.  There is so much joy and peace when you do.