P3:   Pain - Passion - Purpose

Month: June 2013

Season of Humility

Have you ever noticed that at the moment you are about to go to the next level in life, times become a bit challenging?  While I do not have any scientific data proving that statement to be a fact; I definitely have experienced life that way.  Lately,… Read More

Courage of a Lyons

“If I had the courage to see myself as I really am, I would find out what is wrong with me, and correct it, then I might have a chance to profit by my mistakes and learn something from the experience of… Read More

Simple Behaviors

On June 7th, I posted “The Process of Transforming”. At that time, it was my intention to begin 21 days to build some lasting improving habits. I was going to focus on health and time management. I have learned that in order… Read More

Process of Transforming

My overwhelming desire to transform my life is stronger than ever now. As I think about why I desire to change my life, I realize that it is my innate desire to improve or be better.  I believe the process of transforming is really… Read More

Where my Muscles Have Never Been

I am so pleased with how far I have come in my quest to CREATE AN AMAZING BODY! I am no longer dreading going to the gym, and today with the help of my trainer, my muscles went to a place they… Read More

Appointment with God

I often refer to CREATING AN AMAZING LIFE because that is what this blog is all about. It is my journey to the place God intended and created me to be.  What I am actually doing is sharing my transformation with all… Read More