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Simple Behaviors

On June 7th, I posted “The Process of Transforming”. At that time, it was my intention to begin 21 days to build some lasting improving habits. I was going to focus on health and time management. I have learned that in order to really truly make a change you have to focus on changing simple behaviors on a consistent basis. So when I thought about how to improve upon those two areas, I realized that I had not really determined what those simple behaviors would be.

Health – I decided to eliminate all sugar from my diet. Dr. Oz says it is the best thing to do if you have a metabolic disorder like I do. Sugar leads to cravings and all sorts of issues for me. The next person could be perfectly fine consuming sugar; so this is really about me.

Time management – I thought about peak times for me to do certain things to maximize both my efficiency and effectiveness.

As a result, for the last few days since the 7th, I have been hyper-focused on what goes in my mouth as nutrition and when and why I do certain things. Now, I found numerous simple behaviors when it comes to time management, so I was still trying to get that one right. I managed to make it one whole day going sugar-free, then I accidentally had some Chipotle salad dressing. I am sure it contained sugar. I could taste it. That caused a mini-meltdown.

As for time, I burned a good pan of food because I was leveraging my time and trying to be more efficient by multi-tasking. This caused another mini-meltdown.

So, I thought about how nuts I would be for the remainder of the 21 days if I kept on this vein.

This morning, I awoke with the perspective of I need to relax and listen to my inner spirit/intuition and make the best choices in what I eat and when I need to do what I do. It felt liberating to put it in these terms for myself. I will ease up on the gas peddle a little while travelling on this journey of CREATING AN AMAZING LIFE. Besides, menopause is kicking in and that’s a whole different post.


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