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Season of Humility

teach-me-to-be-humbleHave you ever noticed that at the moment you are about to go to the next level in life, times become a bit challenging?  While I do not have any scientific data proving that statement to be a fact; I definitely have experienced life that way.  Lately, it seems that I am having a lot of situations and conversations that are leaving me uncomfortable.  This is causing me to humble myself and focus inward for what I could be saying or doing better. 

I realize that the sins of our past will revisit us at the most inopportune time in life to remind us of the poor choice made in that situation.  Yesterday, issues with my finances reminded me of past poor choices.  If I may be transparent, I have struggled financially off and on for many years.  As I look back in the spirit of humility, I have to accept responsibility:  lack of budgeting, poor timing on purchases using credit, unexpected medical bills that insurance doesn’t cover, and the desire for material things that were not necessary to have.  I desired too much too soon without the level headed planning required to balance out what it really takes financially to not only survive, but secure my financial future.  

I’m okay with open and honest communication; in fact, I prefer it.  So, when I make mistakes or don’t quite fit the bill, I like to know right away, so I can adjust.  I am realizing that for some. this is not easy.  Others are uncomfortable with perceived “conflict” so they typically do not bring up things that they are bothered by, until it festers and becomes a gaping sore. 

In my youth, I just thought it was an East Coast thing to just ‘tell it like it is’  because I was born in Connecticut.  I left New Haven when I was 11 years old and moved to Tacoma, Washington.  Talk about a shift in cultures!  Fast track East Coast to laid back Pacific Northwest.  For so long, I believed I carried my East Coast way of being with me to Washington State and later on at 19 years old I moved to Phoenix, Arizona. 

The truth is – it doesn’t matter where you come from. 

It is really about who you are. 


I am a woman who is living my life (pain, passion, &  purpose) in preparation for a serious growth spurt.  I am humbling myself enough to hear God’s voice for direction in my life.  I am suppressing ‘reacting’ until I understand more.  I am changing my way of viewing things and walking with intention.  I am taking fresh perspectives on situations that I once would have been sure of in my mind. 

I am happy to transform in this way because I know that it will further advance me in my relationships – both personal and professional. 



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