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No more meat…?

Last Tuesday evening, I was checking my emails and came across a Change.Org message and video.  I was hesitant, but I decided to watch the video.  It was a turning point for me.  This is going to seem a bit dramatic, but I decided to no longer eat chicken, pork or beef.  I love meat; however, I can not be alright with the horrific way these animals are treated to mass produce frozen foods, etc…something in my mind clicked and it all started to make sense.  It’s time to re-invent myself and this is a major part of that effort.

Since Tuesday, I have managed to eat a lot healthier.  One reason is I have made a DECISION.  I simply choose to eat in a different manner.  No diet; no counting calories; no obsessing over weighing on a scale!  I want to taste my food when I eat.  I want to consume food as fuel vs. a pleasure center.

To balance me out nutritionally!
Drinking my water!
Shopping for fresh produce more frequently is the way to go!
The cover of my journal!

I simply want to live with less aches and pains, breathe better and sleep well at night getting adequate rest so my days are more purposeful in good health.

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