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Keeping it 100!

I began my morning anticipating my Curriculum Development Final Exams which had to be taken at the college.  I really did not have the time to study my journal entries like I wanted to.  There was no time.  I worked on the final project until the very last minute last night and there was nothing left within me for studying.  Oh well, I managed to do a cursory review this morning before heading off to the college.

Final Exam time!
         Final Exam time!

While I earned a bachelor & master’s degree long ago, I needed to return to school for pedagogical training (to learn to teach).  You see, I changed my career completely and decided to become a Secondary English Teacher.  I adore my 7th and 8th grade children who are not wanting to be seen as children.  They mean so much to me.  Not sure how I will handle my first year of promotions.  My 8th grade class is like my own children.  I love them dearly and wish I could be the “mom” of all of them.  Not possible…I digress.

The exam was 20 multiple choice questions and 5 essays.  The multiple choice wasn’t bad, but the essays seemed to be more challenging until I really focused in.  I realized that I could do it and totally relaxed.  By the time I arrived back at home, my scores were posted.

I did well!
I did well!

So, I exhaled a bit.  One class down and several more to go.  It will be fine.

Meanwhile, I am still getting in my vitamins and drinking the recommended eight glasses a water per day (4 – 16 ounce bottles).  I number the four bottles (1-2-3-4) on the caps to help me keep track of what I drink throughout the day.  This is a good way to pace the water drinking I have decided to challenge myself and do it for 21 days without fail.  Also 21 days of taking my vitamin supplements without forgetting is the other challenge.

The whole point is to “eat clean” and heal my body from the inside outward.  I do not plan to consume anything that is artificial.  No preservatives, additives, or anything artificial.  No artificial anything!  That’s right!

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