Body Motivation Spirit

Step 1 – recognize and admit you have a problem…

I felt amazing all day today!  My body was light and full of energy.  I am sure my attitude is better because I feel better.  The foods I ate in the past (most of my life) and loved to eat were truly not good for me.  I know that now more than ever.  This is day 6.

Today’s lunch…

Yes, I have dieted before and I have tried multiple ways to lose weight, etc.  This time is different.  Yes! Very different.  My friend gave me the advice to take it one day at a time.  I understand where she is coming is from.  I have started on the wrong path and stopped often enough that people close to me recognize the pattern.  They love me and don’t want to see me fail.  I get it.

My level of conviction is stronger than ever.  I have developed a disdain for those things I know to not be good for me.  I never smoked cigarettes and I rarely have a drink of alcohol; but FOOD is a different story.  I had an illicit affair with food.  Yes, I would sneak and eat, hoard food, and obsess about it.  I would get so excited when I knew I was going out to eat.  I thought about what I was going to eat for dinner sometimes all day long at work.

It saddens me when I think of the torment drug addicts must feel.  Addiction is addiction – no sin greater than the other to me.  Especially if you do things to get your fix that jeopardizes your health and safety as well as those around you.  Sure, we need food to live, but solely as a fuel source for the body to thrive.  The issue is when the amount and what you are eating is taking you in the extreme other direction.

To be clear, I am not concerned about weight loss as much as I am about feeling healthy.  Would I like to drop a few dress sizes?  Yes!  Of course! However, I am more concerned with being able to walk without knee pain and breathe without everyone hearing my breathing within ear shot.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I felt hopeless.  Now, I know that I will be fine.  I am transforming my body, as my mind renews.  My inner spirit is heightened and I am beyond encouraged.

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