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What’s the big deal?

This time is different.  I don’t care how much I weigh or how much weight I have lost.  I know the adipose tissue (fat) is disappearing from my body and that is all that matters.  I am transforming and that is the goal.  To become someone new, closer to what I was created to be, on the inside and out.

It’s funny because my mind is overactive these days as I process my old habits against my current behaviors.  It is amazing how happy I am.  There is peace and my inner spirit’s pleased.  I can physically do more…simple things like bend down without pain and no more heavy breathing.  I enjoy a good night’s sleep and consistently awake feeling fresh.  I properly cut waste from my body daily and have no bowel issues.  It’s because I am eating the right foods.  I am more physical.  My mind is set!  I decided to live and not slowly die.

I walked to the store to buy my healthy food instead of jumping in the car.  In fact, I love walking!

I do not plan on weighing on a scale.  It will take my focus away from what matters most – my health and how I FEEL.  That is my barometer.  To be intentional about my focus is what is different from the past.  To be present and accounted for in my self healing – not concerned with what others think.  I am not longer drawn to the dark side of living by longing for those things that are not good for me.

I believe the pain of my past is finally no longer affecting me.  It was excavated and given a proper burial.  I am released.  I see clearer without dingy filters and I hear the positives versus the negatives spoken to me.  I am able to love people – even the ones others find tough to love.  2014-05-15 20.40.47

My goal with blogging is to show my transformation – that is all.  I am a light for someone else struggling with food addition, among many other things conquered in my life.

This time is a big deal!  

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