In praise of Spinach

Oh! I love spinach! I too sing the praises of spinach.

This will be another recipe I will attempt – creamed spinach is wonderful!

rachel eats

I am immensely fond of spinach, fresh, lively, gloriously bright green spinach, the kind that bounces, crunches and squeaks in a most unruly way as you try to stuff it into your shopping bag.

Most of the time I like spinach served simply, so as to appreciate its sweet, leafy, ever so slightly bitter goodness, a nod to Popeye. We often have a little pile of spinach for lunch after the pasta, steamed or blanched briefly in fiercely boiling water, drained and then dressed with coarse salt, olive oil and lemon. I like it sautéed in nut-brown butter then seasoned with salt, pepper and a flick of nutmeg. I almost can’t contain my excitement at the thought of a certain French recipe in which spinach is cooked and reheated over 5 days, each day more butter is added, so by the end, half a kilo of spinach has absorbed an…

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  1. I was introduced to spinach as a young girl watching Popeye the sailor. I wanted to be strong and lift heavy objects like my hero. I would eat my spinach and ask for more until the pot was empty. I would go to sleep with the full knowledge that I would help my mom lift the heavy bins of laundry, and pickup my baby sister. I would offer to take the garbage out and vacuum the house. Because I was a big strong girl with plenty of spinach under my belt.


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