Just do it!

I have not posted in my blog for quite some time.  I realize that it’s a pattern that I go through ever so often.  I will post for a while then just stop!  Well, it occurred to me this evening that I have tried to achieve perfection with this thing.  As a result, I became paralyzed at the notion of what to post and when to post it.  I just decided tonight that time moves along whether I am posting on my blog or not.  Life is ever changing and many moments are gone that I can not retrieve.  My blog is my way to express my thoughts and feelings (even if random) and not perfectly crafted.  I read the blogs of others and I clearly see those who are free to express themselves and its enriching!  So, I declare that I am going to blog freely and express my pain, passion, and purpose as often as I can.  There is someone out there who needs this.


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