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Celebrating Genocide: The Real Story of Thanksgiving

Ferris' First Thanksgiving
Ferris’ First Thanksgiving

There is a narrative that I was fed during the mis-education of my childhood.  One I believed whole-heartedly most of my life.  Of course, I questioned how Columbus discovered a place that people inhabited, but that was the extent of it.  My lack of concern about the plight of Native Americans was not intentional.  Perhaps, I was distracted by the plight of Black Americans (my own plight).  Coming up from slavery, fighting for civil rights, and in search of equality was the people’s priority in my mind.  Of course, I thought about Indigenous people, but somehow thought they lived a cool life in isolation on the reservation. Now, I know better.

At this stage of my life, I am most interested in discovering TRUTH.  The link below is a raw and uncut narrative that provides enough background knowledge to set the record straight.  My love and respect for a community of people that I have come to know forces me to face and acknowledge this TRUTH.

Prior to publishing this post, I shared it with a close friend.  Her response was, “…how morbid, we just want to eat our turkey in peace.”

I let out a heavy sigh and say to myself, wow!

Yes, we will enjoy dinner, family, and friends tomorrow (Thanksgiving Day), but I am aware of the TRUTH and that is what matters!

While I am thankful for what I have in the present, I am mindful of the cost paid in the past.

Source: Celebrating Genocide: The Real Story of Thanksgiving

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