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It’s going down for real…

The tune, “It’s going down for real” is playing in my head as I think about the belly I have developed lately.  I am not pregnant, yet I hear the comments my students are quietly making lately about my stomach.

my belly

It has increased in size exponentially.  I could very well be 9 months along and ready to give birth – that’s how it looks!

I know that I have an umbilical hernia among other issues that are contributing to my belly expanding.  According to an article I read on the site, I need to avoid an incarceration or obstruction of my intestines.  That is the worse case scenario.  I will consult my physician about that.

Overall, I realize that I am very unhealthy: headaches, dry skin, joint and muscle pain, fatigue, etc.  I have it all going on now.

A couple of days ago, I took my mother out to eat.  She really likes the popular chain-buffet “Golden Corral”.  I do too.  Well, I managed to not overeat this time, but the salt in the food made me feel worse than ever.  I was dizzy and felt like vomiting.

My mother is a type II diabetic and has learned how to successfully manage it.  She does not follow a specific diet.  Instead, she monitors her blood sugar levels and eats what she wants.  Good for her.

I can not eat what I want – ever.  I must eat clean and lead a healthy lifestyle.  Well today is day one of the 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse.  I just read the book  written by J.J. Smith.  I am ready to take the challenge!

I’m blogging my every move because I need a community behind me to help me practice what I have been preaching for years: You can change your thinking and achieve anything you decide to change in your life.  Your faith, focus, willpower, determination, positiveness, and supporting friends and family are all you need to succeed.

Day 1 – let’s GO!

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