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Day 1 – Surviving Chuck E. Cheese’s

My first day on the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse was successful.  Why? Because I did not lose my mind at Chuck E. Cheese’s last night!  My good friend’s little darling turned 2 and the party was awesome!  There was unlimited pizza, bread sticks, and hot wings but I maintained my cool and calmly stated to everyone, “I’m good…juicing right now…need to do it for my health.”

The truth is – I was silently negotiating with myself.  I am pleased that the healthy wanna-be within won the battle.  However, it made me think about why it was a battle.  I also thought about if the opposing side had won, how the carnage of pizza crusts and chicken bones would be have been a sad reminder of my failure.

On a serious note, I realize that it must be extremely difficult for drug addicts, smokers, and alcoholics to endure day by day. I have mad respect for anyone who has managed to recover from addiction.  IT IS NOT EASY!

Last night, I felt like a crack addict in a crack house trying to kick the habit.  I did it!

New Years day – 2016 will be my 10th day on this cleanse.  The goal is to start the new year without craving sugar and sodium (caffeine, unhealthy fats too).

I am halfway through DAY 2! Yay!!!

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