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Day 2 – Reality sets in…10 days?

When I survived day one I believed the next nine days would be easy.  Well, at least doable.  So, when my body started to react to the drastic menu change, I was seriously pondering the whole 10-day thing.

The day started great, but someone I got off track and did not follow the plan to the letter.  Perhaps it was my preparing for Christmas Day (more about that later), or it was because I was too excited about my new Magic Bullet that I ordered on Amazon dot com.  I intended to order the Nutri-bullet but somehow ordered the wrong thing.  Nonetheless, I was excited to use it and will eventually get a better juicer – I am sure.

I could feel my body changing already.  I was also battling the worse headache ever it seemed!  All to be expected! 

To get some exercise, I walked to Walmart (not that far) instead of driving.  That was cool, but my body let me know it wasn’t ready for that by the way I felt the remainder of the day.  I bought a new lunch bag at Walmart – one that is big enough to pack my smoothies and veggie snacks for the day. I know that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail; therefore, I am all about the planning.  

My challenge of the day was drinking the water.  I had such a tough time with this.  I know I can use fresh fruit and even a Stevia packet if necessary, but I want to adjust to plain water and get use to it.  

Two days down, and eight to go!

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