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Day 3 – Christmas Day

Well, it is no secret that I decided to start a smoothie cleanse two days before Christmas!  

Yes, I realized what I was doing.  Not only that, but felt quite assured that it was one of the coolest things ever.  You see, I realize that you can not keep doing the same things and expecting different results (not an original statement).  That is the definition of insanity.  A 10-day smoothie cleanse would typically be something I put off until after Christmas and even the New Year! Why? Who in their right mind would start a diet or change their eating habits during the holiday season?  Me.

Today (day 4), I am feeling so victorious!  I did it!  I survived without one hiccup.  Nothing tastes as good as how I feel at this moment.  I am free, happy, clear in my thinking, excited about my year to come and how my body will be transformed.  

I have no regrets and my Christmas celebration was just as awesome.  I believe my friends and family respect my decision.  They were a little disappointed that I did not contribute my usual fat laden, greasy, GOOD tasting food to the celebration.  But, oh well…

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