4 Reasons That Will Convince You to Write Down Your Goals

Taking this advice into 2016 can make a HUGE difference in the RESULTS you produce in achieving your goals! Let’s get it right! If you haven’t been writing your goals, don’t be insane by continuing that way expecting different results. Let’s go!

Dream Big, Dream Often

Today I want to continue our conversation on my blog post 31 Ways to Achieve Amazing New Year’s Resolution Success by tackling #20 on the list: Write down your goals. When you decide on a resolution, be very specific in setting weekly and monthly goals.  Be sure to include dates and objectives.

(you can find my last post in this series on Seeking Advice here.)

I can already hear many of you saying “I’m not a big fan of writing down my goals.”  To that I would inquire as to the level of success you are experiencing in your life.  If you are experiencing tremendous success then by all means continue what you are doing.  BUT, if you are not then I would hazard a guess that a lack of structured goals is contributing to your current situation.

I am going to assume that the fact that you are reading…

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