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Day 6 – Defeating The Inner Victim Before it Defeats Us

Mental Illness comes in varying degrees, but addiction and the Victim Syndrome may cause the biggest hit to our self-belief.

It’s about to get REAL for me.  Yes, I have been here many times – experiencing short-term success in diet and weight management.  Reality dictates I have to self-reflect, be honest, and go deeper to make life-long changes – body, mind, and spirit.

My inner victim would have me point back to childhood experiences and make connections to painful, emotionally scarring moments at the dinner table.  I have volumes that I could share that would validate my inner victim!

Instead, I have decided to silence my inner victim.  I admit that my problem is deeper than just overeating.  So here it is: If I go unchecked, I will binge eat, without purging.  Why? Because it feeds my inner victim.

Until 7 days ago, I fixated on food as though it was an idol. As I have experienced this cleanse, I am gaining strength to take on my inner victim.  If I don’t, once I successfully completed the 10-Day Smoothie Cleanse, I would gradually slip back to obsessing over food.

The battle is day-by-day.  I know this because I have tried to take it on in the past only to lose in the end.  Each fight left me more determined to give up, until now.

Check out this blog article (Source): Defeating The Inner Victim Before it Defeats Us

Featured Image: Death Rose by ROCH Photography


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