“I’m Alright! I made it!” Day 10 and beyond…

Finally I am able to post again!

I am happy to share that I not only survived the 10-Day Green Smoothie Detox, but I am still drinking the smoothies as a meal a day.  I have made only GOOD food choices since I started.  On New Year’s day, I went out to dinner with friends, but chose broiled seafood instead of fried and ate no bad carbs!

That was day 10 so It would be considered modified for one day (which was allowed according to the plan).  So far, I have not eaten from the BAD FOOD list at all.

In the last few days, I had to shift gears and prepare to come back into the classroom and teach.  That is where I lost my blogging momentum!  I have had to re-establish a working routine.  I really enjoy blogging and desire to be consistent with both writing and reading blogs because I love the community aspect of it.  hummus

Since I began the detox, I find that I want an uncluttered life as well.  I am cleaning house from the inside out!   Everything feels better: my body, mind, and spirit are all in tune.  It feels wonderful.




  1. tunisiajolyn84

    Congrats on making it through the detox and shifting your health! Was the 10-day green smoothie detox by JJ Smith? If so, I was just looking at a video by her and was checking out her book as well. I am thinking about doing the detox in February.

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    • Davina Lyons

      Yes!!! It is awesome!!! For some reason, I was able to take the challenge with her program whereas others never engaged me. I have watched all of her videos on YouTube and read two of her books. I highly recommend her. There is also a Facebook group that is really motivating (all the success stories).

      Liked by 1 person

      • tunisiajolyn84

        Cool! I will look further into this. Thanks!

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