Body Fashion Motivation

Transforming – Wearing a belt!

Today, I wore a belt around my waste.  A fancy wide sash that enhances my figure.  It isn’t rolling up or down.  It is comfortably staying in place.  I feel wonderful.

Don’t laugh!  Something so simple, means so much to this woman in transformation.

My students are no longer whispering, “Is she pregnant?”  Instead I heard, “She’s wearing a belt – wow.”

I have decided to place my focus on health versus weight; therefore, there is no celebration about pounds lost (not yet).

My waist was non-existent just 17 days ago!

I am soaring like an eagle!

I think about how I would be feeling on the 7th of January if I had waited, until after New Year’s day, to begin my resolution.  Because of the choices I have made, I am LIVING a much healthier lifestyle!  It’s been 17 days!  Eating clean and it is starting to really show.





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