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Dining out while feeling good and normal…

It’s Friday night and I am in a celebratory mood.  As I was driving away from school thinking about the wonderful week I had – it occurred to me that I would like to dine out.  Many thoughts flooded my mind about whether or not I could handle eating out and not overeating or possibly binge on forbidden foods.

Where would I go?  What will be my meal?  What do I crave?  The answers:  Olive Garden, Citrus Chicken Sorrento on the light menu, and nothing in particular.

The server was very patient with me.  I kept asking questions and changing my mind while ordering my dinner.  It is important to know what I am going to eat.  I care!  I need to know about unnecessary calories and nutrient dense food – so I can avoid them.  These days, servers in restaurants are accustomed to people like me.  Especially during peak New Year’s resolution I vow to change my life season (January – March).  

“No cheese, please.  Is the vegetable pasta really healthy?  Whole wheat isn’t the best option, but whole grain would be better!  I can have the soup, but don’t eat the potatoes!  NO BREADSTICKS!! Keep the after dinner mints (I use to devour as many as hit the table).”  The server talked me through it all – so kind.

The meal was wonderful!  The best part is – I could only eat half of it…really, physically only cared to eat half of it.  That is huge!!! I am a reformed binge eater; so this is a serious milestone for me to be “normal” and know that one out of the two chicken breasts and half the vegetables is just fine.  I am eating to live and not living to eat.  I could cry tears of joy.  Right now, that other portion is in my fridge and I am not obsessing over it.

I’m really starting to open up and trust my readers.  I hope this helps someone who feels as hopeless as I once felt to know that it is never too late to turn it around and live the lifestyle you daydream about.  Never give up!

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