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Waking Up Without a Wake-Up Call: Transformation Without Tragedy

Pain, passion and purpose is not only my story. So many others have been on the same track. This post is an example of that. We heal from the inside outward…this takes time and effort – well worth it in the long run.

downloadMy 44-year-old sister’s violent death in 2004 at the hands of a drunk driver rocked my and my family’s world.  At first, I went about my business as marketing director of a Houston-based software company, thinking I was OK.  But after a few weeks, I realized I was really, really not OK.  I realized my life was way out of whack.  My drive to succeed professionally had overtaken everything else in my life.  I was overweight and in poor shape.  Constantly stressed.  My marriage was in shambles.

I had a sweet, blue-eyed blonde haired eight-year-old son, Burke, who was getting my leftovers – whatever remained of me at the end of each day after feeding my insatiable ego at work.

Blowing into his private school one day – between crafting a masterful PowerPoint presentation and writing an award-winning conference report, I’m sure – to catch a glimpse of him in…

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