I’m no chef, but…

Lately, I have become quite a healthy cook!  No cookbooks or recipes –  I’m just creating delicious nutritional masterpieces that feed me all week long!

I am not following any specific “die-it” plan.  I am listening to and feeling my body (intentionally) when I grocery shop and while cooking.  The more colorful it is the better!  So much flavor.

I am learning so much day by day about foods and harmful ingredients.  I am even encouraging my students to eat more veggies an less candy.  I bring in carrots or celery and they eat it!  It’s new motivation for them instead of Jolly Ranchers, hot Cheetos, and Blow Pops!

I am so grateful for my palate – I would be doomed if I did not appreciate vegetables.  Aside from terrific taste, you could not imagine the medicinal effects it has on the body.  Both the spices and the veggies help my body to heal and transform.

I am not hungry or dissatisfied…FINALLY, I am achieving and fully embracing a healthy lifestyle.

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