Body Motivation Nutrition

Clean and Sober…

My life is changing and I have to admit it is better than ever.  Why didn’t I do this sooner?  What were my barriers?  I keep asking myself these questions! I am beyond happy in this very moment with the way I feel.  I’m even pleased with how I am looking these days.

Drinking alcohol, drugging, or smoking cigarettes has never been an issue for me.  My being clean and sober has to do with nutrition.  I am no longer intoxicated by nitrates, sodium, sugar, or any other chemical designed to keep food on the shelf longer.

I posted the picture of my son and I on Facebook and someone said they thought I was a teenager like him.  What a cool compliment!  I really do feel younger.  My skin is starting to glow.  I am truly healing from the inside outward.

I know it is because I am eating clean and finally sober!


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