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Revisiting Purpose

When I started this blog, I was on a different level.  The original blog title was “Creating an Amazing Life!”

I love my times of transforming...
I have evolved over the years…1982, 2005, 2013.

I was quite involved in a network marketing business.  My goals and aspirations were money focused and recognition was super important to me.

In my initial blog posts, I outlined what I thought was my destiny or purpose.  “Helping Others” was about driving my life to the next level (success in the financial and material realm) and helping others do the same.  I laugh about it now, because I am on the success track but in a total different vehicle with a different end goal in mind.  image

If you asked me in April of 2013 about the notion of teaching middle school full-time, I would have said NO WAY!  I have always entertained occasional substituting, but full-time teacher seemed unrealistic and overwhelming.  Now, I can’t imagine doing anything else.

So, obviously I have grown – mentally, physically, and spiritually!

My purpose is to be a light on this seemingly dark path of life, illuminating the goodness in humanity. 

I will always be in a state of perpetual growth, because to me that is truly living.  For me, it ‘s not about money or material possessions.  I’m about human capital (people) – the value is in humankind.  I’m about encouraging as many people as possible to purposely enjoy this thing called LIFE.

Peace and blessings,


p.s. I am not selling anything, just happy to share.



  1. Dear Davina,
    I love the Amazing Life mosaic you have put together, which reminds me I had always meant to put together a pictorial scrapbook of my dreams. Completely forgot!
    I like your stated purpose – to be a light to others. Continue to be a shining light, for both those young children who need a positive godly influence such as you in their lives and for adults who look for inspiration as they tread their own path towards their God-ordained purpose.
    Bless you and thank you for following my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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