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The Least of These

But for the grace of God, there go I… The homeless population is astounding in America. As only one person, I feel so limited in my ability to make a difference, but collectively, I believe much could be done. My heart is saddened when I think of the people who have lost hope and just exist – whether due to life trauma, mental illness, or drug addiction; nonetheless a value to mankind and a part of the greater whole. Thank you Tribe Ministries for what you are doing! I hope to join your effort in the near future.

In Matthew 25:40, Jesus emphasized the importance of  caring for the sick, hungry, thirsty, naked and those in prison — those on the margins. Homeless men sitting We had the privilege of serving those in our city over the holidays with what we called, “Brown bag blessings.”  They were simple bags with sandwiches, fruit and bottled water.  As our small team canvassed the area, this day we were joined by other churches and ministries that were also caring for “the least of these.”

Groups served hot foods, handed out blankets, sleeping bags, clothing and personal hygiene items.  Members of our team interviewed some of the people we served and asked them how we could best assist them.  Most mentioned that they were grateful for the help, but the groups primarily only showed up on the weekends. There also was a need, they said, for help during the week nights as well.  Armed with…

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