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Month: February 2016

I Remember When…The Journey of Lost Memories

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image credit: sodahead.com I want to try something new and requires your interaction or it dies.  It is a “I remember when…” segment. It goes like this… Recently my mom bought me a tub of…

“Just … start”

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And on that note, I’ve decided to take my own advice to just get started. I’ve wanted to write my own blog for a while now, but to be honest I initially thought “who’d be interested in what I’ve got to say” (I…

10 Inspiring Quotes That Will Super Charge Any Dreamer’s Life

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I research quotes daily, looking for inspiration to make me feel good, to recharge my batteries and to remind me of the reasons that I write this blog.  Here are a 10 inspiring quotes that…

small stones – February 19, 2016

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art credit: India Guru In Meditation Digital Art by Sherri Of Palm Springs as I meditate I open my mind feelings come feelings go thoughts arrive and leave they do not linger they are not friends…


I am grateful that I have always been one to self-assess. I believe this has saved my life. As a teacher, I realize that assessments are invaluable when it comes to determining growth. One of the reasons I survive tough times is… Read More

Celebrating 100 Posts!

I started blogging in 2013 and took a year off because my focus and direction changed. Now, I am a part of an active blogging community and look forward to reading more amazing posts and posting on my own almost daily. I… Read More


I often say, ” I wouldn’t trade anything for my journey now.” This reminds me of the book entitled, “Wouldn’t Take Nothing for my Journey Now”, written by Maya Angelou. In other words, I’m alright with my life and have no regrets…. Read More

Stress is my friend…?!

In the last few days, I have really been under a lot of stress and feeling the pressure of all I am involved with.   I know that stress is not the tangible item here.  The real deal is how you choose to… Read More

Get to Know Me By My…..Food?

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I’ve been fortunate enough to have grown up and lived my life having a fairly healthy relationship with food. I love eating, love cooking, and basically get high off of having a really good meal. Who…

Blessed are those who mourn

My grandmother passed away many years ago. At her grave I experienced a bright yellow butterfly and a flash memory that confirmed our connection. When I was a teenager, I visited my grandma in North Carolina for the summer. She could sew… Read More