I Remember When…The Journey of Lost Memories

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My son turned 18 this year. Of course I have been experiencing a lot of memories of his childhood the closer he gets to adulthood. I remember when he was a baby…well, the memory was sparked by standing in his bedroom door and admiring how neat and clean he is. His bed is always made up and there are no clothes on the floor or messy items laying around.  He has the basics: TV, gaming console, bed, chair and lamp. His room is very nice and comfortable.

The memory I have is of my boy sitting in his high chair always cleaning the tray in front of him with a dish cloth. He would also dust the rails on his crib. If I handed him a clean dry cloth he would sit there and wipe all along the rails – back and forth for a very long time. I joked back then about how “clean” he would be one day. It’s true!

Thanks Danny – this is a great idea!

Dream Big, Dream Often

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I want to try something new and requires your interaction or it dies.  It is a “I remember when…” segment.

It goes like this…

Recently my mom bought me a tub of mixed nuts.  And in that tub were pecans which are not my favorite, but I ate a few of them and the taste caused a lost memory to come flooding back into my mind.  I remember as a small boy cracking pecans so perfectly so as to extract the entire pecan out without it breaking apart.  I also did the same with walnuts.  I would have to be so delicate with the nutcracker and then surgically remove the entire nut.  For some reason I experienced great joy from accomplishing this task.  I might have been 9 or 10 years old.  I had not eaten pecans in so long and it was amazing that that memory…

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“Just … start”

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Congratulations! You followed your own advice and got started! Now, I am introducing you to others by re-blogging your post!

The blogging community is amazing. Keep it going and you will meet and greet some wonderful people that will broaden your life and perspectives thus enhancing your personal growth. At least that is my take on it.

Thanks for the encouragement to just…start!

Peace and blessings, Davina



And on that note, I’ve decided to take my own advice to just get started. I’ve wanted to write my own blog for a while now, but to be honest I initially thought “who’d be interested in what I’ve got to say” (I like to talk a LOT) … Then I realised, actually, there’s probably a few people out there who can relate to my story.

I think at various points in our lives we all want to make a change; whether that be to lose weight & get fit (like me), maybe change careers or even move to a different city… We can change ANYTHING. But first, we have to make the conscious choice to start.

My real life change began nearly 15 months ago… I was 23 years old, and weighed in at 21 and a half stone. 136kg. Having been overweight my whole childhood & most of my teenage years, I was desperately unhappy. I had been diagnosed with severe…

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10 Inspiring Quotes That Will Super Charge Any Dreamer’s Life


A gift to anyone needing elevation!

Dream Big, Dream Often

I research quotes daily, looking for inspiration to make me feel good, to recharge my batteries and to remind me of the reasons that I write this blog.  Here are a 10 inspiring quotes that will super charge any dreamer’s life!

live-your-dreams-my-dream-is-23986887-1600-1200 image: Summer Dreams/Unknown

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” – Mark Twain

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” – Plato

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas Edison

“Cancer can take…

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I am grateful that I have always been one to self-assess. I believe this has saved my life.

As a teacher, I realize that assessments are invaluable when it comes to determining growth. One of the reasons I survive tough times is that I am able to think and self-talk through it. That skill set has improved exponentially over the last few years.

Well – this time I have decided to SUCCEED at living a healthy lifestyle!

On December 22. 2015, I made up my mind.  I began with the Green Smoothie Detox and progressed from there to revamping my cupboards by throwing away unhealthy chemical laced foods.  I was teetering at the brink of 300lbs (that ‘s all I will mention about weight for now).  I am more concerned with my health than my size.

For some reason, I had that “do or die” feeling.  This was 3 days before Christmas and 10 days before New Year’s Day.  In fact, On New Year’s Day I celebrated my 10th day on the detox and my new healthy lifestyle!

As I assess my current state of being – I am on target and very pleased!  I have a lot more energy! My breathing is normal.  I can run up stairs.  I no longer crave sugar.  My clothes fit me better.  My mood is cheerful (most of the time).  There are more good things but I will save those for another post.

My point is – stop to assess where you are in life and course correct if needed.  Do this as frequent as possible until your new habits replace your old ones (if that is what you desire).

I am pleased to be on target.  My pattern is still P3 – that’s how I grow…pain, passion, purpose!





Celebrating 100 Posts!

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I started blogging in 2013 and took a year off because my focus and direction changed. Now, I am a part of an active blogging community and look forward to reading more amazing posts and posting on my own almost daily.

I would like to thank all of those bloggers who inspire me daily to keep going! Your brilliance and creativity consistently re-energizes me.


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I often say, ” I wouldn’t trade anything for my journey now.” This reminds me of the book entitled, “Wouldn’t Take Nothing for my Journey Now”, written by Maya Angelou. In other words, I’m alright with my life and have no regrets. When I look back all I can see is VICTORY – the things I have had to overcome have made me so much stronger. I do count it all joy.

Whether I wanted the situations or circumstances that have shaped me to be who I am today or not, I AM here. I AM fine. I AM inspired to encourage others to get to this place. I reblogged this post because I really appreciate what this writer is conveying. No regrets…

Stress is my friend…?!

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In the last few days, I have really been under a lot of stress and feeling the pressure of all I am involved with.   I know that stress is not the tangible item here.  The real deal is how you choose to handle or face a situation or circumstance that creates the stress.  I have been doing a lot of self-talk in the last few days.  The goal is to beat how I am feeling and conquer the giants I am facing:  my four teaching internship courses, my mother’s recovery from the back surgery, and my son’s passive/aggressive demands to drive a car without a permit or license just because he is 18 and tired of riding the bus are only a sampling of what I must juggle day by day.

Last night. I just happened to find a blog on this topic —-> https://embed-ssl.ted.com/talks/kelly_mcgonigal_how_to_make_stress_your_friend.html

After watching this – I believe one’s life may be prolonged considerably as they change the way they look at stress.  What do you think?  Please view the video and come back to share your thoughts!



Get to Know Me By My…..Food?

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This article made me seriously think about my relationship with food. As I blog more, I am revealing more about my personal life experiences.

As a child, there was a pattern with how I was disciplined. During my elementary school days, because I was a precocious child, I often got into trouble at school. Today, I would be labeled ADHD as a child. Well, almost daily, I had a bad report to bring home from school. Usually there was a note to give my mother or there was a phone call placed during the day while I was still at school. Either way, the dinner table is where it was addressed. The days that this did not occur were the good days.

I remember thinking many days, if I hurry up and eat my meal and make it away from the table, I will escape punishment. Some days, I would eat my meal only to leave the table for a spanking (realistically a beating). Over the years, the physical punishment waned but the tongue lashings became more severe. Either way, I found solace in my food. I would bury my thoughts into the taste and texture and pretend to be some place else. My imagination grew and food became my best friend.

Even now, if I am upset, I think about my next meal. I have no other addictions but eating and it has been a life long struggle. In my 50’s I am finally seriously beginning to deal with this issue. I am no longer dieting, but practicing a new lifestyle that I hope to maintain for the rest of my life.

Life on High

picnic foodI’ve been fortunate enough to have grown up and lived my life having a fairly healthy relationship with food. I love eating, love cooking, and basically get high off of having a really good meal. Who needs chemically-induced highs when I can have one just by having a great dinner? (Although I suppose a food coma is technically a low because all you want to do is sleep afterwards…..) I’ve never been a stress eater or a mindless muncher, and I rarely ever use food as a boredom buster. I enjoy eating healthy foods but don’t give myself grief when I indulge in some carb-y goodness or cave to a sweet tooth twinge. All in all, I’d like to think that I practice the sort of food lifestyle that everybody says is the most sustainable long-term.

And then I look at all the self-help books, talk shows, advice channels, and zillions…

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Blessed are those who mourn

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My grandmother passed away many years ago. At her grave I experienced a bright yellow butterfly and a flash memory that confirmed our connection.

When I was a teenager, I visited my grandma in North Carolina for the summer. She could sew anything in record time. So one Sunday morning, she decided to make a wrap around skirt and matching shawl. It was bright yellow! When she came of out the house dressed in this outfit, I like most kids, had something to say about this outfit. So, she laughed and twirled around the yard waving her bright yellow shawl like a butterfly in flight.

That yellow butterfly was her way of reminding me that she was alright and at peace. I am reblogging this post because it reminds me of how our loved ones maintain a connection with our spirits. It is a warm and comforting experience if you allow it to be. The last time my grandma connected with me in the form of a butterfly, I was on a retreat with women who have lost their children of all ages to death. It was “Hope on Wheels.” I was on a trail with other women walking through the woods and the yellow butterfly was floating alongside me as we walked. I was immediately comforted. I will always love and appreciate the butterfly because I get the significance and beauty in what it represents.