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How to Detox From Sugar…For GOOD!

I can testify to the truth of this blog post! It is lifesaving to kick the sugar habit!

Yes Roanne

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This post was shared in our support group by Joff Paradise. It is so “on the money” that I had to share. Personally, I’ve always been addicted to sugar and I’ve had the symptoms. I was a ‘flour pap’ baby. Flour pap is a double-processed flour porridge, at least how they make it in Trinidad for babies.

I’ve had a lot of the symptoms listed below.

And if you need additional information, you can just google. Here’s one article to start with; but read on below.

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Sugar is incredibly addictive. Recent research has determined that sugar is actually as addictive as heroin to the human brain, not to mention the fact that added sugars are very harmful to our health. When you look at diabetes and obesity rates for, you see very quickly our sugar problem has gone out of control. Thankfully, this knowledge is…

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