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I would like to think that I have this one all taken care of, but do I?  As I observe Love Your Body Month (February) in addition to Black History Month, I’m thinking about self-acceptance.

When I look in the mirror, thoughts flood my mind of all that I would like to change about my image.  My skin, features, body size and shape – I catch myself in this mode and tell myself to reject the negative thoughts and develop positive thoughts instead.  Like focusing a lens – I bring it into perspective and then I see my actual beauty.

This takes being intentional.  I have to concentrate on my beauty – not just aesthetically but all that I am and have to offer in this world is intended to be beautiful.  It is so easy to think and believe the negative, but it takes work to truly accept yourself.

It’s ironic to me that people want others to accept them so badly when they haven’t learned to accept themselves.  Awareness is most of the battle!

Today, and hereafter, I promise myself to fully accept how I was created and love me better than anyone else could.  This will help me to not mistreat myself with poor nutrition or non-edifying behaviors.  I must BE my very BEST so I can CONTRIBUTE my very BEST to this world.



  1. I read another post today that was talking about the importance of a “lifelong love affair with yourself.” I was thinking about it, and that’s 100% accurate! Relationships (even just friendships or familial) require a commitment and effort. Things won’t always be perfect but if you care enough, you work to make those relationships work. The same must be true for us when we’re trying to love ourselves.

    Anyway, it’s really hard to push those little negative thoughts from your head sometimes. Especially looking in the mirror. I applaud you for intentionally stopping yourself and reminding yourself how amazing you are! 🙂

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