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my very BEST!

Yesterday, I declared that I must be my very BEST so I can CONTRIBUTE my very BEST to this world!

Today, I thought long and hard about what that statement means.  I was exhausted from working a full day, then picking my mother up from the acute rehabilitation hospital  where she was supposed to be recovering from spine surgery (she refused to hang out there until February 14th).  They were rehabbing her a little too much in her opinion!

I need to mention that as soon as we got to my mother’s home, she got out of the car and fell in the driveway!  She didn’t harm her surgery incision (thank God for the back brace).  However, I was sore all day today because I lifted her up from the ground.

I did not make it home until after 1 am this morning.  I wasn’t sleep until almost 3am.  My mother called and woke me up at 4:54am.  She was alright, just wanted to chat.  She quickly realized that I was not going to wake up very easily so she let me go.  I slept until a few minutes after 6am and had to get up and get ready for work.

Calling off of work is not an option for me.  I love teaching.  I hate the thought of not being there for my middle school students – just as I am concerned when one of them does not come to class.  It leaves me wondering if they are safe throughout the day.

My students, my mom, friends, my son and husband (not in order of priority) are primary reasons I must be my very best.  They all deserve it.  As I get older, I value every moment with the people in my life – so I want to maintain and preserve my life by making good choices and being intentional with how I live my life.

Yes, I get tired, annoyed, frustrated, and sometimes simply need ME time, so I can regenerate – but I would not trade my life with anyone at this point.  I hope to encourage others who strive to be their very BEST.







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