Mind Spirit

Blessed are those who mourn

My grandmother passed away many years ago. At her grave I experienced a bright yellow butterfly and a flash memory that confirmed our connection.

When I was a teenager, I visited my grandma in North Carolina for the summer. She could sew anything in record time. So one Sunday morning, she decided to make a wrap around skirt and matching shawl. It was bright yellow! When she came of out the house dressed in this outfit, I like most kids, had something to say about this outfit. So, she laughed and twirled around the yard waving her bright yellow shawl like a butterfly in flight.

That yellow butterfly was her way of reminding me that she was alright and at peace. I am reblogging this post because it reminds me of how our loved ones maintain a connection with our spirits. It is a warm and comforting experience if you allow it to be. The last time my grandma connected with me in the form of a butterfly, I was on a retreat with women who have lost their children of all ages to death. It was “Hope on Wheels.” I was on a trail with other women walking through the woods and the yellow butterfly was floating alongside me as we walked. I was immediately comforted. I will always love and appreciate the butterfly because I get the significance and beauty in what it represents.


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