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Get to Know Me By My…..Food?

This article made me seriously think about my relationship with food. As I blog more, I am revealing more about my personal life experiences.

As a child, there was a pattern with how I was disciplined. During my elementary school days, because I was a precocious child, I often got into trouble at school. Today, I would be labeled ADHD as a child. Well, almost daily, I had a bad report to bring home from school. Usually there was a note to give my mother or there was a phone call placed during the day while I was still at school. Either way, the dinner table is where it was addressed. The days that this did not occur were the good days.

I remember thinking many days, if I hurry up and eat my meal and make it away from the table, I will escape punishment. Some days, I would eat my meal only to leave the table for a spanking (realistically a beating). Over the years, the physical punishment waned but the tongue lashings became more severe. Either way, I found solace in my food. I would bury my thoughts into the taste and texture and pretend to be some place else. My imagination grew and food became my best friend.

Even now, if I am upset, I think about my next meal. I have no other addictions but eating and it has been a life long struggle. In my 50’s I am finally seriously beginning to deal with this issue. I am no longer dieting, but practicing a new lifestyle that I hope to maintain for the rest of my life.

Life on High

picnic foodI’ve been fortunate enough to have grown up and lived my life having a fairly healthy relationship with food. I love eating, love cooking, and basically get high off of having a really good meal. Who needs chemically-induced highs when I can have one just by having a great dinner? (Although I suppose a food coma is technically a low because all you want to do is sleep afterwards…..) I’ve never been a stress eater or a mindless muncher, and I rarely ever use food as a boredom buster. I enjoy eating healthy foods but don’t give myself grief when I indulge in some carb-y goodness or cave to a sweet tooth twinge. All in all, I’d like to think that I practice the sort of food lifestyle that everybody says is the most sustainable long-term.

And then I look at all the self-help books, talk shows, advice channels, and zillions…

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