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Stress is my friend…?!

In the last few days, I have really been under a lot of stress and feeling the pressure of all I am involved with.   I know that stress is not the tangible item here.  The real deal is how you choose to handle or face a situation or circumstance that creates the stress.  I have been doing a lot of self-talk in the last few days.  The goal is to beat how I am feeling and conquer the giants I am facing:  my four teaching internship courses, my mother’s recovery from the back surgery, and my son’s passive/aggressive demands to drive a car without a permit or license just because he is 18 and tired of riding the bus are only a sampling of what I must juggle day by day.

Last night. I just happened to find a blog on this topic —->

After watching this – I believe one’s life may be prolonged considerably as they change the way they look at stress.  What do you think?  Please view the video and come back to share your thoughts!



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