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I am grateful that I have always been one to self-assess. I believe this has saved my life.

As a teacher, I realize that assessments are invaluable when it comes to determining growth. One of the reasons I survive tough times is that I am able to think and self-talk through it. That skill set has improved exponentially over the last few years.

Well – this time I have decided to SUCCEED at living a healthy lifestyle!

On December 22. 2015, I made up my mind.  I began with the Green Smoothie Detox and progressed from there to revamping my cupboards by throwing away unhealthy chemical laced foods.  I was teetering at the brink of 300lbs (that ‘s all I will mention about weight for now).  I am more concerned with my health than my size.

For some reason, I had that “do or die” feeling.  This was 3 days before Christmas and 10 days before New Year’s Day.  In fact, On New Year’s Day I celebrated my 10th day on the detox and my new healthy lifestyle!

As I assess my current state of being – I am on target and very pleased!  I have a lot more energy! My breathing is normal.  I can run up stairs.  I no longer crave sugar.  My clothes fit me better.  My mood is cheerful (most of the time).  There are more good things but I will save those for another post.

My point is – stop to assess where you are in life and course correct if needed.  Do this as frequent as possible until your new habits replace your old ones (if that is what you desire).

I am pleased to be on target.  My pattern is still P3 – that’s how I grow…pain, passion, purpose!





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