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I Remember When…The Journey of Lost Memories

My son turned 18 this year. Of course I have been experiencing a lot of memories of his childhood the closer he gets to adulthood. I remember when he was a baby…well, the memory was sparked by standing in his bedroom door and admiring how neat and clean he is. His bed is always made up and there are no clothes on the floor or messy items laying around.  He has the basics: TV, gaming console, bed, chair and lamp. His room is very nice and comfortable.

The memory I have is of my boy sitting in his high chair always cleaning the tray in front of him with a dish cloth. He would also dust the rails on his crib. If I handed him a clean dry cloth he would sit there and wipe all along the rails – back and forth for a very long time. I joked back then about how “clean” he would be one day. It’s true!

Thanks Danny – this is a great idea!

Dream Big, Dream Often

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I want to try something new and requires your interaction or it dies.  It is a “I remember when…” segment.

It goes like this…

Recently my mom bought me a tub of mixed nuts.  And in that tub were pecans which are not my favorite, but I ate a few of them and the taste caused a lost memory to come flooding back into my mind.  I remember as a small boy cracking pecans so perfectly so as to extract the entire pecan out without it breaking apart.  I also did the same with walnuts.  I would have to be so delicate with the nutcracker and then surgically remove the entire nut.  For some reason I experienced great joy from accomplishing this task.  I might have been 9 or 10 years old.  I had not eaten pecans in so long and it was amazing that that memory…

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