A Good Day to Die

Wow…I was thinking about this topic recently! Whenever I think of my death, my greatest concern is my son. I only think of his life without me and how it would impact him. Of course my mother and husband also concern me. Then my thoughts drift to “ultimately, they will be fine.” In the context of this reblogged post, I must value every moment with my mother, husband and son while living – bottom line!

Peace Hacks

Imagine that you have one week to live.  I know – sorry – that’s such a cheesy way to start a post.  If you were really dying though, you’d feel anything but cheese.  In our culture we like to pretend that death’s not real.  We invent all manner of fantasy to insulate us from the idea that our time here is so desperately short.

Close your computer, take 15 minutes of silence and imagine that this is your last week – give it enough time.  Make it real.

If you do a good job, you’ll look at everything differently – friendship, marriage, kids, possessions, career, worries, fears, goals, broken relationships, values. You’ll find that death brings a quality to life that “immortality” can’t.

Living with death is a quick remedy for the bullshit that we allow to move into our minds, our tendency to feel like the very cosmos has set…

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