Just me…lots of likes!


When I post just my profile picture on my personal Facebook page, I get over 100 likes in a matter of a couple of days.   While that might feed my ego (not a good thing), it makes me wonder what my FB friends and family are thinking.  When I post a meme, it is the same reaction, unless it is controversial. 

When I post anything (with words) I consider to be important or profound (such as education, world peace, religion or even political issues), I get less than 10 likes (sometimes a little better).  Now, I am not driven by likes, but I do notice the patterns.  

So, I ponder these questions:  

  • Are Facebookers different from Bloggers (realizing that many do both as I do)?   
  • Do bloggers prefer short posts as opposed to long?  
  • If so, is it because people are busy and less is better?  
  • Or, do people just like images better than words?

I take the time to read posts (even long ones in social media), then I most often will comment if I can.  I like a lot of stuff on FB and blogs, so that is why I wonder about others.

What do you think?  Please share in comments…


  1. IMAO people are less likely to interact to thought provoking subjects. I think it is due to our fast past and time sensitive environment. It is much easier to click a like button than it is to write a sentence. I think FB has hit on to something with the added response icons. I could be wrong! 🙂

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  2. Great question. I have the same experiences. When I post a photo it is always more likes than if I post an article of interest or quote a bible verse. I have no idea. Bloggers are writers so we tend to read stuff. I’m indifferent to the length of the post unless it’s good.

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