A2Z2016 – Zeal for my Students…

A to Z Challenge (2016), Motivation

Whew! I made it! The final letter in the A to Z Challenge of 2016.  As a result of this challenge, I blogged 26 days in a row.  My final letter is Z for Zeal.

According to Mirriam-Webster’s dictionary, ZEAL is defined as a strong feeling of interest and enthusiasm that makes someone very eager or determined to do something.

It’s 2:21am and I have been studying and preparing to take my 3rd semester final exams tomorrow (technically today in a few hours).  One more semester (next Fall) and I am done!  I am doing this because of my love and zeal for my students.  I am determined to be the best teacher I can for them.  My expected return on investment in them is that they develop a zeal for life and persevere through any difficulties they may be experiencing.

I am 100% vested in the social-emotional wellbeing and academic growth of my students.  I know the difference it can make in their future.

So, I do what I have to for my students – from the youngest to the oldest, shortest to tallest, quiet to the most talkative and fidgety ones – I LOVE THEM ALL🦁 

A2Z2016 – Xtreme!!!

A to Z Challenge (2016), Motivation

According to the Urban Dictionary (because it’s not a real word): 

To define something as “cooler” than the norm. Originally used for outrageous sports and death-defying stunts, “Xtreme” has managed to find its way into nearly every marketing campaign in America: deodorant, beef tacos, soft drinks, and even duct tape.”

Adolescents and young adults demand a higher level of engagement.  Otherwise, boredom and complacency sets in and they shut down and go into sleep mode.  I see it daily!

So, I’m learning to ‘step up’ my game and make it Xtreme


A2Z2016 – Us…

A to Z Challenge (2016), Mind, Motivation, Spirit

Not just YOU or I – but US!

So much comes between US!

  • politics
  • weight
  • dialect
  • sexual lifestyle/preferences
  • skin/eye/hair color
  • level of education
  • place of birth
  • religion
  • fitness level
  • neighborhood
  • income level

Unfortunately, if WE think about it, there is much more that WE could add to this list of what separates US in this world.  Yes, I know it’s a seemingly insurmountable task – yet I try everyday as an individual to overcome it.

If you look closely, there is so much more to to be said about US versus I or ME.

Peace and blessings,





An Old Friend Found Me on Facebook…

Introduction, Motivation, Spirit

Today, I reconnected with Caroline on Facebook.  She is a friend I worked with in the mid 1980s.  We lost contact many years ago.  

We messaged each other for a while this evening, then we said – goodnight.  About an hour passed, then I received her note.  She made my night!  💝

Meet and Greet @ Dream Big: 4/23/16

Introduction, Motivation

Sharing is caring – may the community continue to grow and flourish!

Sharing Danny’s post:

It’s the Meet and Greet weekend at Dream Big!! Ok so here are the rules: Leave a link to your page or post in the comments of this post. Reblog this post.  It helps you, it helps me, it helps everyone! Edit your reblog post and add tags. Feel free to leave your link multiple […]


A2Z2016 – Truth and Time

A to Z Challenge (2016), Family, Motivation, Spirit

It’s interesting how over TIME people bend the TRUTH.

This morning I received a phone call from my mother that turned into quite unpleasant dialog.  

She remembers a situation one way and I have a completely different recollection.

I love my mother; however, I do not always get along with her.  

Admittedly, it has been tough being her only child; because I have no one to share her with (smile).

I know…

“Appreciate your mother!”

“You will miss her when she is gone.”

“You only have one mother.”

“Be patient.”

“She’s not happy.”

“She’s lonely.”

“It’s tough getting older.”

“Her mother wasn’t there for her.”

“How can she show love when she did not receive it.”

I get it.  However, I am not calling her again for a long time!

My inner spirit does not do well in the land of NEGATIVITY!

Besides – I am a Mother too! How else do I stop the cycle?  Huh?!  Any suggestions?  Seriously…?

A2Z2016 – Sex sells!  What about education?

A to Z Challenge (2016), Motivation

It is obvious that during this A to Z Challenge, my posts are ‘real time’ and sometimes a day late .  Why? Because when I try to prepare ahead, I change my mind a gazillion times.  But inevitably something will hit me and I know what I need to share.

So, I was driving home from work today and a billboard caught my attention.  Then my mind wandered to, “Why is there a sexy girl on that billboard selling something that has nothing to do with sex?  

When the focal point of the print advertisement is bosoms, lips, or a crotch – “Houston, we have a problem!”

So I decided to research print advertising to see how many ads I could find like that.  My expectations were exceeded by what I found.  For example, in the  Business Insider article 13 Brands That Use Sex to Sell Their Products, SEX is used to sell clothes, animal welfare, deodorant, shoes, hamburgers, chewing gum, bottled water, and cars.  From Abercrombie and Fitch to Perrier Water – Sex Sells!

So what?! This matters to me because:

  • Everything but education seems to be a priority 
  • Many of the adults responsible for the well-being of todays youth are preoccupied with ‘doing their own thing’ – whatever that may be (buying what the sexy ads are selling, substance abuse, etc.)
  • It bothers me that some of my male students are fixated on hero-worshipping NBA/NFL players, RAP/Metal/Rock musicians, Scarface (fictitious gangster) and El Chapo (very real gangster)!  
  • My female students are fixated on my male students  – and each other.

I am desperate to sell EDUCATION to my students.  To have them buy into it would change their lives and ultimately change the community in which they live.  To have my reading students engaged in learning to make an inference or finding the main idea and supporting details in a social studies text would be hugely rewarding.
Unfortunately, EDUCATION is not selling – specifically in underserved communities.  

Please note: This is not a scientifically researched scholarly article; instead, it’s based on what I see and experience from day to day.  To be continued…why? Because it’s my passion!