P3:   Pain - Passion - Purpose

Month: April 2016

A2Z2016 – Zeal for my Students…

Whew! I made it! The final letter in the A to Z Challenge of 2016.  As a result of this challenge, I blogged 26 days in a row.  My final letter is Z for Zeal. According to Mirriam-Webster’s dictionary, ZEAL is defined… Read More

A2Z2016 – Youthful ME…

In my YOUTH, I was determined to make a difference in this world. Today, I realize the patterns that lead to my purpose.  It all started with the YOUTHFUL ME… Today, I am still passionate about education and building a better tomorrow…. Read More

A2Z2016 – Xtreme!!!

According to the Urban Dictionary (because it’s not a real word):  To define something as “cooler” than the norm. Originally used for outrageous sports and death-defying stunts, “Xtreme” has managed to find its way into nearly every marketing campaign in America: deodorant,… Read More

A2Z2016 – Wisdom 

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask of God, who gives generously to all without finding fault. —James 1:5

A2Z2016 – Voice

When my son was a little guy, I realized my voice could make him cry. It was then I made the choice, to be careful with my VOICE.  

A2Z2016 – Us…

Not just YOU or I – but US! So much comes between US! politics weight dialect sexual lifestyle/preferences skin/eye/hair color level of education place of birth religion fitness level neighborhood income level Unfortunately, if WE think about it, there is much more… Read More

An Old Friend Found Me on Facebook…

Today, I reconnected with Caroline on Facebook.  She is a friend I worked with in the mid 1980s.  We lost contact many years ago.   We messaged each other for a while this evening, then we said – goodnight.  About an hour… Read More

Meet and Greet @ Dream Big: 4/23/16

Sharing is caring – may the community continue to grow and flourish! Sharing Danny’s post: It’s the Meet and Greet weekend at Dream Big!! Ok so here are the rules: Leave a link to your page or post in the comments of… Read More

A2Z2016 – Truth and Time

It’s interesting how over TIME people bend the TRUTH. This morning I received a phone call from my mother that turned into quite unpleasant dialog.   She remembers a situation one way and I have a completely different recollection. I love my… Read More

A2Z2016 – Sex sells!  What about education?

It is obvious that during this A to Z Challenge, my posts are ‘real time’ and sometimes a day late .  Why? Because when I try to prepare ahead, I change my mind a gazillion times.  But inevitably something will hit me… Read More