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A2Z2016 – Beast Mode or Bust!

I am not in the least bit athletic nor am I interested as a spectator, but I love the term beast mode!  Perhaps because I liken myself to a lion in the jungle of life.  Typically the term “beast mode” (according to the Urban Dictionary) is referring to “a superhuman state of being, in which animal instinct takes over mind and body.” This term most often relates to athletes.  

Although I juggle a lot of activities and are consistently busy, I am no athlete.  I qualify for beast mode because of the level of endurance I have.  It is 3:36am.  I have slept all I am going to sleep for this night.  My mind is sharp and I am ready to prep for the exam I have to take later today; after my Robotics Club meeting at the school with Honeywell volunteers and students.  In fact, when I look at my “Top 10 List” of priorities, I must touch each item with an action today.  It’s going to be fun! 

When I think of how Oprah or Beyoncé (two productive people I randomly thought of) maintain their schedules – I think definitely they walk in beast mode!  Of course they have assistants and the like, but they started from the bottom – now their here.  Now, for my friends of faith (FOF), yes! To God be the glory!  I am not taking anything away from our Creator – just focusing on one perspective.  

I too want to effectively walk in beast mode – what does that entail?  Hard work, schedules, lists, priorities, and perhaps turning down a social gathering at times.  Why? To focus on the endgame!  To get the job (whatever it is) done!  So I read books and seek to improve myself.  I will never stop: asking questions, self-assessing, taking on challenges,  motivating others to keep it pushing positive.  I refuse to simply sit down and do nothing or “take it easy”.  It’s not who I am!  

For me – it’s beast mode or bust!  

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