A to Z Challenge (2016) Motivation

A2Z2016 – Childhood persona…

I remember my 5th grade year at Fairhaven Middle School.  It was the last year I spent in New Haven, Connecticut.  My memories are thin when it comes to New Haven.  I was so young.  There are only few things I remember in terms of people or places.  However, I do remember my persona during that sensitive period of my life.

People often said I was a little old soul; too wise for my age.  Raised as an only child, I listened to the adult conversations (remembering to be seen and not heard).  Once you open your mouth – you are banished to a room!  I was smart enough to remember that rule.

The school I attended had a public library nearby.  I loved books, so I would often stop in on my way home from school and check out books.  One day, I decided to join a group of ladies who were gathered together in an open area with tables.  I was curious to see what they were doing.  They had pieces of fabric (little squares).  

I sat down, listened intently, and lost track of time.  Meanwhile, my mother was searching for me along with neighbors and other family members.  At the end of the meeting with the ladies, I decided to join their quilting circle and become a part of what they were doing.  My piece of fabric was blue with stars on it.  One of the ladies gave it to me because she was impressed that I was going to join them.

Of course, my mother canceled that notion and I was not allowed to attend another meeting.  I never forgot those ladies and how much I wanted to be a part of that collaborative effort.  Today, I recognize this as one of the patterns in my childhood persona that is consistent with my current way of being.  



    1. I never joined another quilting circle. Thinking about it now, it wasn’t the quilting I was attracted to. It was the ladies working together. The first time I recognized adults happy to be together with a common goal.

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