A to Z Challenge (2016) Goal Setting Motivation

A2Z2016 -Decisions

My husband always says, “Decisions end confusion.”  After hearing that for a number of years, it finally sunk in to my brain.  He and I are opposites in many ways, but agree more often than not philosophically.

Case in point and random digression:  he is anti-social media to the max.  He sees it as a total invasion of privacy.  On the other hand, I’m out there everywhere.  I respect his position and he is fine with mine (he still really dislikes FB).

DECISIONS in this context, according to Dictionary.com, is defined as the act of or need for making up one’s mind.

Until recent years, I had a tough time making decisions.  Ordering food in a restaurant, choosing clothes in the store, deciding upon which movie to watch at the theater, what book to read next, the list could go on and on and on.  Of course there were more weighted decisions that required my attention in life – especially in the years of managing people or projects in the corporate arena.  I was extra careful when making decisions that could seriously impact someone’s livelihood.

As I self-assessed, I realized the reason I had difficulty with decision making.  It was my need to weigh all circumstances and consider all sides of the equation.  The what ifs always slowed me down!

I also realize that loyalty and compassion for others made me weigh the consequence of my decisions more often than not. At times, I admire people like my husband and my close friend who can be very definitive quickly on the spot and not look back on a decision they’ve made.  However, I have also witnessed many missed opportunities on their part to connect, grow, relate to, and nurture those around them at the risk of being vulnerable themselves.

It’s true – decisions do end confusion – especially when the right decision is made.

Photo Credit: Mark Strozier


  1. That is an interesting twist… I agree, confusion sometimes might come from the fact that we don’t know which way to choose. Once we make up our mind it kind of fades away… not the only thing that remains is to make sure we make the right decision… 🙂

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