A to Z Challenge (2016) Motivation Nutrition

A2Z2016 – Excuses

It never occurred to me, until now, that the majority of the time I am making excuses. As I fight to eliminate my biggest demon, the dreaded excess weight on my body, I realize that I’m consistently making excuses. Listening to the audiobook, “Excuses Begone” in the author Dr. Wayne Dyer’s voice is like having a therapy session with someone who understands me far better than my own mother.

Here are the excuses I have made throughout my adulthood pertaining to my weight:

  • It’s too difficult to lose.
  • I’m concerned about loose skin.
  • My schedule makes it hard to prepare healthy foods.
  • I’m getting older now, who cares?
  • My weight is genetic.
  • I simply love too eat food!
  • I can’t afford healthy food.
  • I have to cook the other stuff for my family.
  • So what! I’ve always been a big girl.
  • I have a food addiction.
  • It’s my thyroid.
  • It’s my hernia.

If I think hard enough, I’m sure there are a lot more excuses I’ve used over the years.  Truth is – none of these EXCUSES are valid.  It simply comes down to me making a decision. To be continued…




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