A2Z2016 – Forgiveness is Freedom

I’m not sure when I realized the importance of FORGIVENESS in my life – but it’s helped to save my life.

Although I previously confessed (A2Z2016 – Decisions) that I have struggled with making decisions, I can honestly say it’s NEVER the case when it comes to mentally letting someone off the hook.  I don’t stay angry long; however, I am swift to deal with most situations on the spot.  This is one of the traits my mother always admired about me.

I also had to realize quickly that not everyone is able to respond to situations and circumstances the way I do.  Also, it doesn’t make me a better person than the next – just different.

If you offend me, I let you know most times immediately!  Then I move on – depending on the outcome of the situation.  If it’s REALLY SERIOUS, we start the process of analyzing, interpreting, and communicating resolutions.  Yes! Sounds Corporate, doesn’t it?  Well, that is where I learned over the years that communication is 2-way and there is always a solution.

I also learned to quickly check my EGO.  Now, she can become a BEAST if allowed to go untamed!  Once I get her under control and I still feel something inside (feelings are tricky), I simply FORGIVE and move on.  This is when I achieve FREEDOM!


  1. Bushka

    Excellent, Davina! Though not easy, those last two sentences are essential. Hugs! ❤


  2. Ally Bean

    I think I’m the same as you. I get angry in the moment, know exactly what’s bothering me… then let the whole thing go later in the day. “Oh well, whatever” is one of my go-to phrases when dealing with people. It’s my way of forgiving them, I guess.

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    • Davina Lyons

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing the video link. It certainly does illustrate my point. An amazing example of redemptive love and forgiveness.💝

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  3. Keith Sly

    It is tough to forgive but the one who does it finds better things and better place to be in later. Freedom is surely one of ’em.

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