A to Z Challenge (2016) Motivation Spirit

A2Z2016 – Global mindset for Goodness sake…

My letter G in the A to Z Challenge is long overdue.  It should have been posted at midnight.  Now I know why it didn’t happen.  It had to come to me.  

I’ve been focused on course work for my internship – the end is near and final exams are fast approaching!  So, I’ve been cramming since leaving work today in the mid afternoon.  

Finally, I stop to eat a quick dinner and read while eating.  While at this chain restaurant, an argument ensues between two gentlemen in line.

The first words I recognize are, “Don’t you ever talk to me that way!”  This coming from a thick framed Black man who was determined to NOT be disrespected.  

The next retort from his opponent was, “You think you can cut in front of me ’cause your Black!”  

At this point, I’m thinking whoa, where is this headed?  They traded insults and neither would back down.

The staff all froze in horror behind the counter.  I watched cautiously and said a quiet prayer it would settle itself – and it did.  

The White man who felt he was ‘cut in front of’ was served first because the Black man walked away and sat down. Once the White man left, everyone exhaled.  The Black man proceeded to explain his perspective in an effort to justify his response.  Once the Black man left, everyone resumed eating, talking and texting as if nothing had just happened.  

There is no doubt in my mind that both men felt they were right. And it doesn’t matter what I think or the next person thinks – the truth is – there were two HUMAN BEINGS  both male gender having a disagreement over a place in a line – a metaphor for life and race relations.  

My thoughts drift to an imaginary world where people are not defined by race or skin color…you know…Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.said it best, “…not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character. ”  Next, I reflect upon what it would be like to not have borders; to not have discussion of building fences or walls; to not be concerned with who can travel where.  How nice would it be to have a GLOBAL MINDSET one land – all people with one common goal – survival for GOODNESS SAKE.

Photo credit: Sonia Adam Murray


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