A2Z2016 – Healthy Heart / Body and Spirit 

Standing in the checkout line at the grocery stores, you may see several magazines with covers illustrating ‘heart health‘.  They visually scream, “Lose Weight and Feel Great!

Yes, that may be true. But what about the other aspect of heart health?  The fragile aspect that’s connected to the mind and could be broken by the loss of a relationship, disappointing child, or financial crisis? 

I find it interesting that we can’t always see the manifestation of a broken heart on the exterior.  

We may look at a person we perceive to be in poor physical health (because they are overweight on some chart) and declare they are not heart healthy, but that thin person ‘in good shape’ may be the one with the fragmented or broken heart that’s far from healthy.

Just decluttering my mind…Letter H

Photo Credit: David Goehring


  1. randommusings29

    Excellent point. Stress and depression can put way more strain on a person’s heart than carrying an extra pound or two!

    Liked by 1 person


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